Scheduled Emails


Scheduled Emails allow you to communicate with your customers who have confirmed reservations. You are able to schedule up to six different email communications and these can be sent either before or after their tour.

Step 1: Enable Scheduled Emails

  1. Go to Setting > General Settings > System Settings
  2. Enable Scheduled Emails
  3. Click Save

Step 2: Set up Scheduled Email(s) within Tour(s)

  1. Go to Tour > Tour List
  2. Click the Edit button beside the applicable Tour
  3. Click on Scheduled Emails
  4. Click on Email 1, Email 2 etc.
  5. Enable this Scheduled Email for This Tour
  6. Enter Email Address(es) that you wish to CC (copy) Optional
  7. Enter Schedule for Sending: Days/Hours and Pre or Post Departure
  8. Enter Subject for email message
  9. Enter Content for Email
  10. Upload Attachments if you want
  11. Click Save