Adding vouchers for Groupon, Living Social, etc.… makes it easy for your customers to book reservations online.


Step 1: Enable Vouchers

  1. Go to Setting > General Settings
  2. Click the Allow Vouchers Online Box
  3. Click Save

Step 2: Setting Up Your Voucher Import Excel Sheet

  • Open the file you received from the vendor with the voucher numbers
  • Then copy them into a spreadsheet with the headings shown below
  • Status Must Be Purchased
  • The Valid Begin Date will be The First Day The Voucher Is Valid
  • The Valid End Date will be The Last Day Of Promotional Value
  • You will need Values For Each Row
  • Save Spreadsheet to your computer

  • You can also Customize The Voucher Code


Step 3 : Setting Up Your Voucher

  1. Go to Tour > Voucher Import
  2. Choose File and Click Import

Step 4: Now you will need to Apply your Vouchers to a Tour

  1. Go to Tour > Tour List and click on Edit beside the applicable Tour
  2. Click on Voucher Tab
  3. Click on the box to Select All Voucher Codes
  4. Click Add to this tour
  5. Click on Save

(Notes: Customers will see Voucher during the booking process and be able to type in the Voucher number and click Check. Then they continue with the online booking.)