Cancellations and Refunds

Warning:  Once the reservation is canceled, it cannot be reinstated.

Cancel Reservation

  1. Click on Reservation > Find Reservation Reservation
  2. Click EDIT button on the reservation you want to cancel
  3. Click on Cancel Reservation

  4. Enter amount of cancellation fee IF one is being charged, leave 0.00 otherwise.
  5. Click on Apply Refund

  6. You will receive a warning box asking if you’re sure (Note: A cancellation CANNOT be UNDONE)
  7. Click Yes


  1. After it’s canceled, you will see the negative balance and the refund button visible, which allow you to refund
  2. If you want to refund, click on the Refund link, select the payment type  and enter the refund amount and click on Refund.  If refund to the previously charged credit card, select the transaction and ensure the refund amount and click on Refund

  3. You’ll receive another warning box asking if you’re sure (Note: This CANNOT be UNDONE) Click OK
  4. Your reservation will now show a balance due of $0.00 and the customers’ card will be credited