Price Adjustments


Price Adjustments are used to add a fee for a value-added service, gratuity, special request, etc. You can also give a discount with the Price Adjustment button. To ADD a fee enter a positive number, to SUBTRACT a discount enter a negative number.

  1. Click on Reservation > Find Reservation
  2. Click on Edit to open the reservation detail screen
  3. To add a new price adjustment, Click + button right next to Price Adjustment

Note: Multiple Fees and/or Discounts can be added at one time

  1. Enter Description such as gratuity, special request, or discount, etc…
  2. Select type dropdown list  on how the fee will apply to the reservation
    • PAX = Fee/Discount is a dollar amount applied to PER PASSENGER/CATEGORY
    • RES = Fee/Discount is a dollar amount applied to PER RESERVATION
    • RES % = Fee/Discount is a percentage applied to PER RESERVATION
  3. Enter Amount (positive number) or Discount (negative number)
  4. Click Confirm
  5. To DELETE an existing price adjustment, click on the price adjustment heading to expand it and click on the 🗑 under total to remove the price adjustment.