Marketing Report


This report allows you you generated the email list based on the search criterias provided, which you can use it to send out email newsletters to specific target market.

  1. On the left menu bar, click on Report > Marketing Report
  2. Enter Specific Date Ranges or select a Tour Name or Product Type
  3. Click on Search button and all the passenger info from the reservation within the range selected will appear
  4. Click on XLS button to download an Excel file of the Customer Information, it will open Excel with the list of passenger info.  
  5. In order to remove duplicate info, we need to unmerge the cells for  the column A and B by selecting the cells we want to unmerge them and click on the Merge & center  in the toolbar under Home tab.
  6. Select all the cells you want to remove duplicates, click on Data tab in toolbar, click on remove duplicate, click on OK on the popup and it will remove some duplicate but Not all.
  7. Now select only the cells in the email column, and click on remove duplicate button again and it will remove all the duplicate emails.
  8. From here, you can copy the email column and past them into the email program that you use, or you can save the file and import it into the email marketing software you use