Embed TripAdvisor Review


This feature allows you to embed TripAdvisor’s review of a business location on the tour detail page online.

In This Article

  1. Setup
  2. Display Online Reservation


  1. On left menu bar, click on Settings > General Settings > check on TripAdvisor Location ID > click on Join TripAdvisor link
  2. On the new tab, type the business name in the textbox left next to the search button > select the matched business in the drop-down list
  3. On the next page showing the detail page of the matched business, look for the location ID in the URL field after the detail=, copy the number after = sign.
  4. Close tripadvisor page > back to AttractionSuite general setting > paste the copied ID into the TripAdvisor Location ID field > click on Save.

Online Reservation

This TripAdvisor review will display on the online tour detail page.