Change Quantity In Reservation


Often times you may need to either reduce or increase the number of people confirmed in a reservation. To do this you simply change the Count that is displayed in the reservation Item Count box.

In This Article…

  1. Change Count In Reservation
  2. Increase Quantity
  3. Decrease Quantity
  4. Refund

Change Count In Reservation

  1. Click on Reservation > Find Reservation
  2. Click Edit beside the Reservation you want to change
  3. Update the Count field with the new number for the Category(ies)
  4. Click or Tab Out of count box

Note: The system will always check to make sure there is enough inventory before increasing the number in party. The system will Not Allow you to reduce a number to Zero – you would use the Delete button to remove that category

  1. Click Save

Increase Quantity

If you have Added new category or add new item to the reservation you will now have a Balance Due.

  1. Go to the Payment Section
  2. Check the box for Pay Now

Note: If Payment type is credit card and your processor stores the card in a Transaction ID (PayPal or BluePay) you will be able to select a card previously used from the Drop-down list. Otherwise, or if the customer wishes to use a different form of payment you will need to enter payment information boxes in the mandatory fields.

  1. Click on Apply Payment

Decrease Quantity

If you have Reduced the quantity or Delete the items in reservation you will now owe the customer a Refund.

  1. Click on Refund
  2. Select the Credit Card from drop-down list for Receiving Use to Refund

Note: The amount shown next to the Credit Card used is the amount previously charged, not the amount that will be refunded.

  1. Check the amount listed under Refund is correct
  2. Click Refund


To Show a Refund done by Cash/Check

  1. Select Cash from drop-down list for Payment type Received 
  2. Enter Amount in Refund box
  3. Click on the Refund