Note to Buyer


Note to Buyer is a short (75-character limit) message that you are able to add to a Tour’s Online Description for a Specific Date. The Message appears below the normal description, in Larger Bold Red Font.

The note will also be displayed in the Confirmation Email that your customer receives. 

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  1. From Control Panel
  2. From Tour Level
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From the Control Panel

  1. Click on the Specific Tour you wish to Add a Note to Buyer
  2. Click on Availability Settings
  3. Type what you would like to Add a Note to Buyer
  4. Click Submit
  5. On the Control Panel this symbol will appear next to Tours/Dates with Note to Buyer

From the Tour Level

  1. On the left menu bar, click on Tour > Tour List > click the Edit button beside the Tour you wish to Add a Note to Buyer
  2. Click on Daily Departure Info
  3. Select the Month (if applicable)
  4. Click on the Note to Buyer Button for the applicable date
  5. Enter your Buyers Note message
  6. Click Save to save Note to Buyer
  7. Click Save in Right Corner to save tour

Note:  Dates with Note to Buyer added appear with orange on the buttons.

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