Gift Certificate Report


This report allows you to track and manage the gift certificate purchased and redeemed.

Note: In order to see this report, you will need to enable the Gift certificate feature in the settings.

In This Article

  1. Generate Report
  2. Export Report
  3. Manage Gift Certificate

Generate Report

  1. On the left menu bar, click on Report > Gift Certificate 
  2. Enter all the information need to search the gift certificate purchased
  3. Click on Search

Export Report

There is only one format to be exported, which is XLS, after follow the instructions above to generate report, click on XLS button.

Manage Gift Certificate

You have two options to manage that specific gift certificate:

  1. You can click on Inactive to make that gift code inactive so that code will NO longer available for redemption.  Likewise, you can click on Active to re-activate the inactive gift code to make it available for redemption.  It will prompt you for confirmation of action, click on OK button.
    (Note: Please see this article regarding Canceling Gift Certificate)
  2. You can click on Used Transactions Button to see the reservation that has used this gift certificate code.  You can click on the Reservation Number to open that particular reservation in the new tab.