Setting Up Gift Certificates

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Step 1: Enable Gift Certificates

This will Activate the Gift Certificate Code Box on the Purchase Screen for your customers

  1. On the left menu bar, click on Setting > General Settings
  2. Enable Gift Certificates Online
  3. Click on Save

Step 2: Select Template for Gift Certificate and Attach to Email

  1. On the left menu bar, click on Tour > Product Type
  2. Click on Template button located beside the Gift Certificate product type
    1. Enable to Attach Gift Certificate in Confirmation Email (pdf)
    2. Enable to Display category on Gift Certificate
    3. Select desired Template style from drop down menu
    4. Enter Instructions How to Redeem (Maximum 300 characters)
    5. Enter Additional Text to be Displayed on Certificate (Maximum 300 Characters)
    6. Add Image > click on Upload Image, select desire image to use on certificate
    7. Location > enter Address, City, State, Zip to be displayed on certificate
    8. Phone Number > enter Phone numbers to be displayed on certificate
    9. Phone Number(2) > enter Phone numbers to be displayed on certificate
    10. Email Address > enter Email address to be displayed on certificate
    11. Web Address (Maximum 300 Characters)
    12. Upload Logo – click on Upload Logo, select logo image
    13. Click on Save
  3. You can Preview Gift Certificate Template

Step 3: Create Gift Certificate Tour (For Online Purchase page)

  1. On the left menu bar, click on Tour > Create Standard Tour
  2. Enter Basic Data
    1. Tour Name > Gift Certificates
    2. Product Type > Gift Certificate
    3. Valid Dates > Enter the Start and End Dates that you will sell Gift Certificates
    4. Code > optional
    5. Departure Time: 23:59 (allows Gift Certificate sales at any time)
  3.  Create (price) Categories
    1. Click the + Button
    2. Enter Category Name, ie: $50 Gift Certificate, Tandem Skydive, Whale Watch
    3. Allowed Per Transaction (Min/Max)
    4. Inventory Deduction = 1
    5. Click on Save
  4. Select the Category under Available and use the > to move to Selected
  5. Click Save
  6. Season Information will pop up
    1. Click the + Button to Create Availability Code
    2. Inventory Deduction = 999
    3. Availability Code: Gift Certificates 2021
  7. Price Information>Enter Price
  8. Click on Save
  9. Repeat Step 3-8 for setting up additional Categories

Step 4: Add Content for the Online Purchase Page

  1. Click to Web Data
  2. Tour Image: Click on Upload Image to add desired picture from Image library
  3. Double-Click on desired picture. Click Close
  4. Tour Description: enter content to be displayed on the Gift Certificate purchase page
  5. Click on Save
  6. Copy Tour Page URL to your webpage
  7. You can Preview Gift Certificate Page