Ignore Minimum For Departure


If the tour with minimum in the reservation that’s not met the minimum requirement yet, but you want to have this tour to be departed in the reservation, you can ignore the minimum requirement in order to make the tour to be departed in the reservation.  There are two places you can ignore the tour minimum requirement for a specific date.

In This Article

Note:  This ignore minimum applies to a tour for the specific date and it is Irreversible once it’s ignored.  Once this minimum requirement is ignored, any online reservation made will have the credit card charged that was used and an email sent confirming the Tour will operate.

Control Panel

  1. Click on the tour on the date that’s booked and has tour minimum that you want to ignore minimum 
  2. Click on the Ignore Minimum
  3. Click on Yes on the popup message.

Daily Departure

  1. On the left menu bar, click on Tour > Tour List > click on Edit on the tour that has minimum enabled.
  2. Click on Daily Departure Info tab > click on Ignore Minimum For Departure button on the date you want to ignore minimum
  3. Click on Yes on the popup message
  4. Click on Save button.

Tip: If for any reason that the tour minimum not met and the date has passed or you decide not to run the tour due to tour minimum not met, you can cancel the reservation and email to customer to let them know that the reservation was canceled due to tour minimum not met.